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Megan BP was born in Ohio, and raised in Michigan. Megan is a human person who has been reading Archie comics since the early 90s, and been listening to podcasts since the early 90s. This is quite innovative as the first podcast was aired in 2004. When not broadcasting love of redheaded boys Megan lives in a house with many cats, and a wife. Megan enjoys Twin Peaks, bad movies, and video games. 

Ezra BP is the brother half of the podcast, and he was the only one in his family born and raised in Michigan. Megan indoctrinated him to the terrible delights of Archie Comics early and for most of their lives together the two of them have enjoyed metaphorically tearing the comics apart. He graduated from college in 2018 and has spent most of his time since writing and making the podcast. He lives with his girlfriend and their cat and spends his free time playing Pokemon and talking about dinosaurs.

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